Unique Amenities

     Lynn's brownies.  Available 24/7. (She has perfected them)

          Free EV Charging Stations

          Fort Fitness Gym within walking distance  (Nominal Daily Charge)

          Barnstormer Restaurant and Bar within walking distance

          Small liquor store within walking distance

          Small producing vineyard and amateur wine maker

          Grand piano and guitar

          Short/Steep hiking trail down to the river                   

          Fire Pit

          Outdoor shower (heated)

          Pretty good breakfast music



Breakfast: We take breakfast pretty seriously. Normaly we do a 3 course breakfast on china that will make you forget about lunch. Fruit dish, fresh baked muffin, coffee cake, or clafoutis, and typically a main course with protein and starch. Check out our reviews on your favorite app. If you want to get out the door early we can do a breakfast to go.